Monday, February 28, 2011


Distractions are so easy to come by. Here's a look at what happened last night:

Me: 'I should really edit chapter 14 now.'
Looks around, sees season 4 of the West Wing sitting.right.there.

Me: 'Ok, I'll watch ONE, ok-TWO episodes, and then I shall edit!'
Pull disk out.

Me: 'ooooh, these are the Zoey-gets-kidnapped episodes! Dramatic! Amazing writing! Tears at the end and chills down my spine! Uh oh, the last two episodes of season 4 end on a kidnapping cliffhanger.'
Looks around, sees season 5 sitting innocently in its file folder. O_O
Me: 'Must see the resolution!!!'
Slowly pulls out season 5, disk 1....

Sigh. Sorry chapter 14, but I promise I'll get to you tonight....ooh, look! Season three of Leverage!