Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been photo girl lately, and I've been meaning to stop, but this particular one really captures the mood of my entire night. I've been packing for the better part of two hours and when I stopped to rest for a moment I noticed that I had this hat on my head. Who knows when I put it on, who knows if it's been there all along. But it's pink, it's from Disney World, and it makes me think of cotton candy and hand holding and a love that's so deep your soul is bursting through like sunshine after rain.

Today was a stress ball day, but tonight was the feelings this hat brings and more.

Lovely Friends

Cookie Dough made and given with love

Games that are stressful but destressing at the same time because it means you're high-fiving and laughing and whispering

Night Walks are for the unafraid. The afraid are allowed to go, as long as you have a best friend with you to hold your hand and laugh with until your abs hurt

Packing and listening to the playlist made because of a broken(not broken, only sprained) heart and deleting the pathetic songs and keeping the strong woman songs because you realize that you're better and wiser and thicker skinned than the girl who made it so many months ago

My best friend is leaving, but the adventures we've had and will have in the future and will always have together are bright and shiny and endless

Light Up, Light Up. As If You Have A Choice. Even If You Cannot Hear My Voice, I'll Be Right Beside You, Dear.