Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bowling for tea

For my birthday my Mom got me a tea mug that is literally bowl sized. I freely admit that I'm addicted to English Breakfast tea. I don't drink coffee, and you can get me to drink another kind of tea only, and I mean only, if EB isn't an option. My sister calls me the tea snob, which I suppose I am. But hey, if I can't live in England, than this is my next best option at the moment.

But to come back from the rambling, and back to the bowl of tea. This mug is huge, it holds two normal cups of tea, and I have no problem drinking it all. I don't drink it for the caffein, mostly because I don't need it but also because there's so little in tea that it wouldn't matter anyway. I just like the tea. Tuesdays are my most stressful work days. I have a full day of work and I end with helping with three hours of class that ends at 10p.m.

Suite Besty was on a one day trip to chi-town, so when girl talk was out, all hope fell to the little pink bag that housed my tea.
I was so busy I didn't really think about it, and didn't sit down to count how many times I pulled the bowl down from the shelf until late last night. But here's the total I came to:

Woke up in the morning: put on contacts and clothes and before I check my work email? TEA.
Worked all morning, got lunch to go, after lunch before diving back into work? TEA
Work, dinner, and then three hour class followed by? TEA

At 11:30 or so I'm sitting on my bed, finishing the last bowl of tea, and suddenly, I count. Two cups of tea=one bowl. I have had three bowls today. So that means I've had.....six cups of tea today? O_o

Not sure this is what my Mom had in mind when she gave it to me. But hey, knowing me, maybe she did.

'Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack' My Jack beats yours, Ke$sha

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  1. love your final response to the Ke$ha quote... HA! And P.S.-- I'm very jealous of your "tea bowl." What perfection!