Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Demons I Love

I love to read so, so much, but it's kind of a problem when I do. If I find a good book, I don't want to stop. Actually, I don't stop. Two days ago I found a new young adult book of about 400 pages. I finished it last night. Sigh. So yay for reading, but boo for my speed reading ways. But because of them, conversations like this occur:

ME: I finished my book last night.
MOM:That's great! That means you don't have to pack it, and your bag will be lighter!
ME:No, I'm taking it with me so I can read it again.

Seriously, this happens with everything. Books. TV shows. Songs. I find something new, I get so excited about it, I speed through it and then have to read/watch/listen to them again. It's not bad, and all through school I really appreciated my speed reading skillz, but it does lead to me carting around quit a few 300-400 page books.

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